Toning Tables... A relaxing way to lose inches! 
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Tone n Shape of Ludlow invite you to lie back, relax and enjoy the benefits of our toning tables! Whether it's to tone up for that all important event, lose those unwanted inches or improve your flexibility.We can help!
We offer seven individually functioning tables from "Slim Image" Each table is devoted to a major muscle group and by passive, repetitive movements, gently exercise a specific part of the body.The overall effect is one of increased muscle tone, flexibility and an overall feeling of wellbeing.
At Tone n Shape we find that the regular use of our toning tables can lead to a range of benefits:

Inch Lose
Increased flexibility and mobility Relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing Restored muscle elasticity Increased circulation Improved posture  
 Clients enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendly instruction from our fully trained staff....